Our Products

At Sunrise Paint & Chemicals, we mainly focused our efforts on producing best in class and superior quality industrial Paint, Primer, Thinner and various other allied products. We provide our customers with the satisfaction and ease of doing business. The success of our company’s growth is purely contributed to the performance of our products and the strong distribution network our company has developed over the years.

When choosing Sunrise Paint & Chemicals as your preferred supplier, it’s our mission to be recognised as an innovative paint manufacturer, committed to providing products and services of the highest quality which meet and delight the needs of our customers. We are also committed to upholding our moral obligation and responsibility by further reducing our impact on the environment through our products and services.

Product Category

Industrial Acrylic Paint

• Industrial Acrylic Paint
• Heat Resistant Paints----black silver grey
• Acrylic Finish Paints
• Nitrocellulose Paints
• Stoving Finish Paints
• TSA Paints

Industrial Acrylic Primer

• Polymer Based Primer
• Acrylic Finish Primers
• Quick Drying Primer
• Heat Resistant Primers
• Chlorinated Rubber Primer
• Synthetic Stoving Primer
• Etching Primer
• High Build Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer

Industrial Acrylic Thinner

• Quick Drying Thinners
• Air Drying Thinner
• Stoving Finish Thinner
• Heat Resistant Thinner
• Acrylic Finish Thinner

Epoxy Paint

• Epoxy Finish Paints

Epoxy Primer

• Epoxy Penetrating Primer
• Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer
• Epoxy Finish Primer
• Zinc Chromate Primer
• Epoxy Based Zinc Phosphate Primer

Epoxy Thinner

• Epoxy Finish Thinners

PU Paint

• Polyurethane Paints
• Polyurethane Finish Paints

PU Primer

• Polyurethane Paint Primer
• Polyurethane Finish Primer
• PU Based Zinc Phosphate Primer

PU Thinner

• Polyurethane Paint Thinner

Ready to get started

We are known best for our high quality products and providing customized paint solutions to our clients. Our motto is protection of our clients’ assets. We will be happy to help you with your customized needs and thus providing you with unmatched quality at reasonable cost.